Before many great indie games comes the long process of a Kickstarter, and this time Zodiac Interactive are reaching out to gamers to get involved. The company are giving people the chance to help bring Tales of the Neon Sea to life. In return, people have a chance of winning a range of prizes: from a Steam code to a $100 Steam Giftcard.

Cyberpunk And Pixels Galore!

Tales of the Neon Sea is a cyberpunk-mystery game set in China; an adventure into a Bladerunner-type world of pixels. The trailer’s sinister feel – with bold colours and dramatic score – complements the natural charm of a urban detective narrative.

The attention to detail of  the architecture and the characters make this seem like more than just a cyberpunk mystery. This game will surely bring back the good old nostalgia of retro pixels.

Tales Of The Neon Sea

In terms of the chance to win prizes, all you have to do is go to the Zodiac Interactive Twitter post that contains the details, then follow the publisher and retweet the post for a chance to win. A pretty standard giveaway but one that you shouldn’t miss anyway.

Zodiac Interactive is a fairly new publisher, who previously published Candleman: The Complete Journey, another fantasy-adventure game that we also recommend you have a look at. The overall project sounds highly ambitious, but it’s exciting to see what Zodiac Interactive and Palm Pioneer do with the game up until its release.

This is definitely a game that The Indie Toaster will keep an eye on in the future. The Kickstarter campaign launches on the 31st of July but in the meantime, if you want to find out who the winner is, you should make sure to join Zodiac Interactive’s Discord server.

Finally, If you want to know more about Tales of the Neon Sea, check out  the Steam page to the game!