After years of planning, the team at Spelkollektivet unveiled the world’s largest co-living and co-working space for indie game developers. Thanks to the support of the Swedish government, the start-up is planning to host up to 80 people at a time in the heart of Southern Sweden. The project was originally born in 2014 and relies on cooperation among its participants as well as state funding to survive.

Spelkollektivet is designed to ensure its visitors won’t have to deal with mundane tasks such as shopping, cooking or cleaning and can instead focus entirely on their next game. To achieve that, its founders have fitted the location with several amenities including office buildings, a streaming studio, a pool, and a Finnish sauna. A team of helpers will also prepare meals, restock the pantries, and take care of the various buildings.

What Exactly Is Spelkollektivet?

Although Spelkollektivet has already been in the spotlights before, details about its evolution only emerged in the last few days. At first envisioned as a small community where developers would benefit from the continuous flow of information and ideas, this project is now set to become a prime example of a fully independent co-working hub.

spelkollektivet eating photoAccording to its official website, anybody willing to move to Spelkollektivet needs to undergo a preliminary selection process. Industry professionals who are chosen will then pay a nominal rent to live, work, and learn alongside colleagues from all-over the globe. This monthly fee includes the housing unit itself as well as food, water, an array of consumables, and the use of any common areas.

Finally, the contribution from the government ensures the place is accessible even to those who are not netting 6 figures checks from their past work. Single rooms start at 4000 SEK per month (about 440$ US),  although the price can double if you’re looking to rent a 3 room independent apartment.

For more information about Spelkollektivet or to submit your application, we suggest you spend sometime on its official website or talk directly with the founders through the project’s Discord server!