The fight against mental illness often inspires creative people. In the case of ShotX Studio, it was the driving force behind the birth of Kontrakt – an hyper-violent top-down shooter that want to lift the veil on Schizophrenia. Today, we take a look at a trailer and get a bit more information as the game gets closer to release!

Kontrakt is Shota Bobokhidze‘s third game and was built as the solo developer personally dealt with the illness. According to its creator, the project is meant to let people experience how schizophrenia affects someone’s daily life, the way they react to external stimuli, and their relationship with the outside world.

We don’t have a precise release date for Kontrakt yet, although ShotX Studio announced the goal to hit the shelves by Q4 2018. In the meantime, you can already add the title to your Steam wish-list if you so desire!

What Is Kontrakt All About?

Although everything can still change, we already have a general idea of the main features in Kontrakt. The game relies on combat mechanics that are reminiscent of classic indie title Hotline Miami, mixed with what looks like clue-gathering and story-driven cut-scenes that hint at a deeper plot-line.

In the shoes of a killer-for-hire, players will be have to carry out a series of assassinations, all while they investigate the secrets of the city they’re in. The protagonist will react to the scenes unfolding in front of them, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to live with Schizophrenia.

ShotX Studio confirmed that the final version will include 12 different weapons to choose from  – each with unique stats – as well as unlockable upgrades, an original soundtrack, “and a lot of SLOW-MOTION-WOAH-MOMENTS!”

You can learn more about Kontrakt by visiting the project’s official website here!