Nintendo Switch Online is set to be released this month, yet we still know very little about it. With its launch date edging closer, it is only natural rumors are beginning emerge. Our colleagues at have started whispers that there may be another Nintendo Direct presentation scheduled for today!

In the last Nintendo Direct, the company announced a lot of Ninides.  While many are hoping this possible Nintendo Direct presentation will give more details on the Nintendo Switch Online, it is plausible lovers of indies will have news to look forward to as well.

Is It All Rumours?

Nintendolife are not new to releasing information on Nintendo Direct presentations. They correctly called the last presentation before it happened and their previous success means this source cannot be completely dismissed. Still, it is wise to be pessimistic and not consider the new presentation as a definitive event quite yet.

Nindies, Nintendo Direct

NintendoLife reports the next Nintendo Direct to be scheduled for September 6th 4pm PDT or 7pm EDT, meaning September 7th at 1am CEST or 12am BST. The Direct is expected to contain a selection of indie games, but unfortunately that is all we know right now!

Rumor or not, this announcement has gotten a lot of people excited. Many hope that their favourite game is coming to the Switch in the near future, while others are just after more Switch Online information. With Nintendo having already hosted two Nintendo Directs that focused mainly on indie games, it’would be interesting to see if there is really more on the way.

Anyway, while the news are something to get excited about, let’s not forget that this is all rumors for now. NintendoLife have been right before but they may not this time. Fingers crossed they are right and, hopefully, we will have more Nindies to play  soon!