“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Polish indie studio Robot Gentleman captured the essence of this motto. Three years since the original 60 Seconds! landed on Steam, the devs are ready for a comeback. The release of 60 Parsecs! was announced today with short trailer!

Much like its predecessor, 60 Parsecs! pitches us against the split-second decisions typical of an imminent nuclear strike. The war has reached a small space colony where settlers felt relatively safe from the bombs. With only a handful of seconds at their disposal, we must now gather supplies and make it to a safety pod before the base’s blown to smithereens.

Making it to the shuttle is only half the battle, though. From that moment onward, our crew will need to cooperate to survive, remain sane, and discover what happened to the planet! 60 Parsecs! will be available on Steam from  September 18, 2018. Console versions are scheduled for an undisclosed near future.

What’s New In 60 Parsecs!?

Three years is a lot of time to polish an IP, even for an indie studio. For their next game, Robot Gentleman introduced a series of changes to the core mechanics typical of 60 Seconds! Here are the juiciest ones:

in 60 Parsecs!, we’ll no longer be confined to a cramped fallout shelter. If they survive long enough, our crew might even travel all the way to an unknown planet! Exploration, decisions, and a solid strategy play a much larger role in the game, giving us the tools to reshape the plot as we see fit.

A new crafting system has also been announced. This will let us combine our supplies to create new items, which could come in handy as we try to stay alive a little longer! Finally, we were promised an expanded storyline and the ability to forge relationships with the entire crew!

It’ll be a bit longer before we can try the game out for ourselves but – in the meantime – you can learn more about 60 Parsecs! here!