Developer QubicGames hit a large milestone earlier last week. The developer announced it officially crossed over one million games sold alone on the Nintendo Switch. With a special occasion comes a special offer and QubicGames is clearly feeling quite generous to Switch users this week.

For the next four days, you can claim two free games on the Nintendo Switch Eshop; Robonauts, a galaxy arcade side-scrolling shooter, and the upcoming Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition, an updated port of the original 3DS game- both for absolutely free.

The catch is simple. Just follow the link right here and submit your email address for the QubicGames newsletter. In under 48 hours, you will receive one code for the title Robonauts which can be obtained through the redeem code section in the Nintendo Eshop. To redeem Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition, you will have to wait for it to release on the Eshop, but when it does the game will register as a free download.

What If I Already Own Robonauts?

Do not worry! Everyone who has previously purchased a paid game published by QubicGames will receive Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition for free when it releases on the Eshop.

Note, this is only for previously paid for games such as Robonauts. So if you want to only download Geki Yaba Runner then you are going to have to download any of the paid games released by QubicGames- in other words, you might as well download Robonauts for free then!

What if I Do Not Live in The US?

All codes distributed through the newsletter are region locked to the Americas. That’s totally okay though! Just redeem your code for Robonauts through a North American Nintendo account in order to still receive both games.

Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition releases May 31st on the Nintendo Eshop. In the meantime, you can enjoy your free copy of Robonauts. This offer ends May 31st.