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Now that 2018 is behind us and the winter holidays are about to end, it’s time to look at your professional future. Humble’s newest book bundle should give you all you need to brush up on your coding skills and maybe even learn something new that can really kickstart your career in the upcoming year!

The Python 2019 Bundle – curated alongside a team of experts at Packt Publishing  and only available until Monday 14th, 2019 – includes 20+ resources for the price of one. The digital volumes cover increasingly more advanced topics, meaning that both beginners and experts will benefit from them.

Finally, a number of video-lectures also complete the bundle; making learning something new easy even if you’re on a tight schedule.

Tiers and Prices for the Python 2019 Bundle

Just as usual, the Humble Store lets you to choose how much you want to spend for the bundle itself. The collection of books is split into three tiers, with more content becoming available as the price grows. There’s also no limit to the amount of money you spend on each bundle, meaning you’re free to devolve as much as you want to the Python Software and the Innocent Lives Foundation – the two charities these sales support.

Pledge about 1$ to unlock the first five resources of the Python 2019 Bundle, including the Learn Python 3 From Scratch video-lecture and the Mastering Flask Web Development book. Go up to 8$ and you’ll get 7 more books as well as an additional video. This second tier features machine learning-focused texts, a volume about microservices development, and an introduction to Django 2.

Alternatively, you can invest 15$ or more to unlock the entire collection. Listing all of the volumes it contains would take us too long, but you can discover them all directly on!

Get Great Learning Material and Support The Indie Toaster

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