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Project Winter Has A Definitive Release Date

Project Winter, the innovative survival indie game by Other Ocean Interactive, is about to hit the Steam Store. The game has actually been available through early access since February and the team behind it used this period to finely polish their creation. Now, we’re only a few days away from the full release.

According to a representative at Other Ocean Interactive, fans will be able to play Project Winter from May 23rd, 2019. The Indie Toaster received no info regarding this indie game’s final price yet but we will update our article as soon as we know more about it. We don’t, however, expect it to cost more than 20$!

What Will Project Winter Offer?

Set on the snowy top of a dangerous mountain range, Project Winter puts us in the shoes of a stranded explorer. Alongside up to 7 other players, we’ll be struggling to best the unforgiving weather and the unfriendly fauna. Unfortunately, things are about to take a harsh turn for the worse.

Soon, it becomes clear that one among your team members is scheming against you all. While the group collects resources and fights off packs of wild animals, you’ll also have to stave off sabotage and protect yourself. As you try to discover the mole, trusting no-one around you becomes the only way to stay alive.

Thanks to its refreshing gameplay and enthralling mechanics, Project Winter became relatively popular in only a handful of months. The indie title received over 250 reviews on Steam since February. It currently boasts a Very Positive rating on the platform and we can only expect it to get better!

Finally – while publishing full assessments is forbidden until the 23rd – we have something for the impatient among us. You’ll find our very own review – written during early access period – right here. You’re welcome to give it a read but remember: things are bound to change!

You can find out everything about Project Winter ,add it to your wish-list or purchase a copy of the game from its official Steam or Humble Bundle through our affiliate link, if you want to help us out.

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