Edit:The team at AmberAxe sent us a link to the open beta for Xevorel.
You can join the program and download the game through Google Play here.

After a lengthy period of testing behind closed doors, Italian Pixel-RPG Xevorel is preparing to move into open beta. Starting next Friday, January 18th, 2019, Xevorel will be downloadable through Google Play. Apple users will also be able to test the game, although we have no precise date for an iOS release at this time.

The CBT, which had begun in October last year, involved approximately 900 people from all over the globe. Participants sent in over 300 technical reports that  the developers at AmberAxe were able to use to further polish their project. Now, the team behind Xevorel plans to squash the few remaining bugs ahead of the game’s release in March 2019.

AmberAxe‘s first commercial product will be available on all major Android and iOS devices, as well as on Steam. Although this has not been confirmed yet, the developers also mentioned a possible deal with mobile gaming platform BlueStacks.

Some Info About Xevorel

Developed in Italy  by veteran artist Maurizio Pastore (former Milestone srl) and lead programmer Nicola Riva, Xevorel is a platformer/RPG hybrid set in a fantasy world. The titular character, an evil entity that consumes everything in their path, is planning to unleash their armies upon these peaceful lands. As villagers cower in fear and destruction spreads, only the bravest of heroes can stop the madness.

First envisioned in 2016, AmberAxe’s game draws heavily from the classics of the 1990s. The developers paid particular attention to the feedback they received as the project came along, building an indie title that is geared towards both long-time gamers as well as the younger generations.

Whether you’re planning to join this game’s open beta program or wish to wait until the final version sees the light of day, you can learn more about Xevorel and  AmberAxe as a whole by visiting the title’s official website here.