Earlier today, we’ve received confirmation of something we’ve been expecting for a while. With a series of social media posts – as well as an original webcomic  – Italian developer Not a Number launched their kickstarter campaign for Out Of The Hat, the studio’s second commercial indie game.

The announcement comes after months of work, during which the team behind it both designed and polished their project. A playable demo for Out of The Hat is already available here and we were already able to play an early version of the indie title two weeks ago; during our visit to Torino Comics 2019.

As for the campaign itself, it seems that Not a Number did their homework on this one. The fundraiser already secured the support of more than 30 backers. The Italian studio was quickly able to collect  about 2000 of the 50000€ they’re aiming to gain in only a matter of hours.

A Bit About Out of The Hat

The second of Not a Number‘s indie games, Out Of The Hat is a mind-bending puzzle platformer; a journey inspired by traditional fairy tales and archetypal nightmares, the works of Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, and HP Lovecraft.

You will follow the adventure of a little girl, as she explores a world that has been profoundly changed by magic. You will face fears, monsters, and creatures that lurk in the darkness. You will explore your own feelings and – provided you manage to survive long enough – might even discover what happened to the environment you’re exploring.

Although we were only able to play an early version of this indie project, we immediately noticed how solid Out Of The Hat has the potential to be. The development team opted to let players experience the story through game mechanics, rather than simply narrating the events, and the polished graphics deliver an experience that is bound to leave its mark on the industry!

The Kickstarter campaign for Out of The Hat will continue until June 5th, 2019. If you want to know more about this project or support its development, you can do so right here.