Ever since  Nintendo has opened its doors to indie games, some real gems have been released. While old favourites, such as Undertale,  are coming to the Switch, there will also be a lot of console exclusives. With so many Nindies, as the company calls them, it is hard to pick our favourite amongst the mix.

The is going to be pretty interesting for indie fans who own a Switch. Plenty of titles should see the light of day soon.  Mineko’s Night Market, for example, is a Switch first that looks both sweet and fun. A game filled with lots of cats and cool mini-games, it will be released early 2019 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Ninides, Untitled Goose Game, The Indie Toaster

Some more 2019 releases that get us excited include The World Next Door, an action-adventure fantasy with puzzle solving, combat, and hilarious dialogue choices. Untitled Goose Game will also be a strong competitor, though, as this hilarious goose simulator will have you terrorizing town folk; ruining picnics and stealing clothing to make sure no one is left having a good day!

2019 Is Too Far Away!

Don’t worry, however; not all the Nindies are being released next year! Some are already available. Nindies, Into the breach, The indie toasterIt was recently revealed, for instance, that Into The Breach is out now! This turn-based strategy game was released on PC in February and was met with a lot of praise. Players will have to defeat an alien threat in a randomly generated challenge. With powerful mechs at your disposal, you’ll be able to defend cities and push back the invaders to save the day

Many other indie games are coming out in the following months, including Level Head: a co-op game that even allows you to create levels with three friends and that will be released in November. Zarvot, another Switch first title, comes out in October and will also include a character exclusive to the console. Finally, Bastion is out next month and Transistor will be yet another November release!