Lately, It’d seem that someone at Humble took a personal interest  in game development and coding. True to this new trend, the site once again has two book bundles dedicated to aspiring programmers. With a total of over 35 volumes, these packs promise to deliver all you need to move your first steps in the world of software design.

The “elevator pitch” sounded interesting enough for us at The Indie Toaster to take a closer look. So let’s see what these mystery boxes actually contain!

For Devs, By Devs!

learn java easy humble bundle

First up is the Learn You Some Code bundle by the amazing people at No Starch Press. This package offers up to 15 books that will help you tame several popular languages; including Java, Python, and Ruby. Volumes on the basics of programming and on how to think like a developer are also part of the bundle.

Note that Learn You Some  Code just landed on Humble a few days ago and will remain available for the next week or so. Purchasing this package also gives you the chance to support – a no-profit organization that works toward making computer science more readily available in schools.

Then comes the older of the pair, the Game Development bundle by Packt>. This one includes up to 25 books for only 15 dollars! The volumes deal with Unity, game design, best practices for development, mobile optimization, and even the creation of AI-driven characters.unity virtual reality projects humble bundle

Note: while Learn You Some Code  will remain available for a while, Game Development is a time-limited deal. The bundle expires in less than 24 hours and will no longer be on the site once the countdown hits zero. You should definitely secure your copy before the deal is over!

Pay What You Want and Show Your Support

As usual, both bundles are split in three tiers, worth about 1, 8, and 15 dollars respectively, You’ll be able to choose exactly what to buy and how much to spend. Additionally, upon checkout, Humble also lets you decide where your money goes.

Among these options, you can find the slider to send part of your cash directly to us at The Indie Toaster. Your contribution helps us pay for the coffee that keeps this place running, as well as for the servers upon which the site is hosted.

If you’re willing to give us a hand, you can purchase Humble’s Learn You Some Code  bundle through our affiliate link here.  Game Development by Packt> is instead available here.

Thank you from our entire staff! ♥