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Moonlighter FINALLY Has A Nintendo Switch Release Date

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After much waiting and a couple of indiscretions, the time seems to have come. We have some great news to share with our fans today. 11 Bit Studios’ top-selling indie game Moonlighter is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch!

We’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can enjoy Will’s adventures on the indie community’s favorite handheld console – until November, to be exact – but the team in charge of this game thought of something to keep us busy in the meantime.

11 Bit Studios also announced that Moonlighter is available for pre-order at selected retailers. Amazon and Best Buy customers can already purchase their copies, while a signature edition packed with additional goodies was unveiled on this site. The price-tag reads 34,99$ US for the standard version; about 50$ US for the premium one.

What Can We Expect From Moonlighter?

A title that took the world by storm when it came out earlier this year, Moonlighter catapults us in a fascinating rogue-lite world right from the get go. We will follow Will, a young man who dreams of becoming an adventurer. A Shopkeeper by day and an explorer once the sun goes down, the player will need cunning reflexes, a solid strategy, and a bit of luck to survive.

Developer Digital Sun recently published a major update for their creation, which further expands the already large array of things we’ll be able to do. Update 1.8 introduced new features and items including pirate weapons, amulets, and a New Game + mode; adding the finishing touches to an experience that already enthralled thousands of people throughout the world.

The Nintendo Switch version of Moonlighter will see the light of day on November 5th, 2018. We suggest you save the date and remember it!

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