The studio behind Moonlighter has been one of the most active indie dev teams of the year. Ever since their creation first saw the light of day on May 29th, Digital Sun worked hard to give players a flawless experience. Bugs were squashed, a road-map popped up, and a number of fixes quickly found their way to the community!

Patch 1.7 – announced on Steam only a few minutes ago – seems to be the biggest the devs have released yet. The More Rocks Update as the team calls it introduces major changes to the title, the way it plays, and even the shiny graphics that we all came to love!

What’s Changing in Moonlighter, Exactly?

While I will add a link to the full change-log at the bottom of this article, discussing everything in detail would take ages! Instead, let’s focus on the few key features that Moonlighter fans are most likely to enjoy:

  • 100 New Room Patterns: that will give us plenty more dungeons to explore. According to the devs, the game can now generate rooms in a way that the levels won’t feel repetitive after a while. Puddles, which will apply several de-buffs to Will according to the environment he’s in, have also been introduced!
  • Time-Based Post-Boss Rooms: for the seasoned adventurer.
    From now on, every time you beat a boss, you’re going to be able to go back to their lair. The chambers will be crawling with monsters that you can kill for extra loot. Clear the rooms quickly enough to unlock up to three chests and fill your pockets with riches.
  • New Armor Skins and Weapon Special Effects: oooh, shiny!
    Somebody at Digital Sun must have thought their game didn’t look good enough yet. As a result, this patch introduces new armor skins and a series of particle FX for weapons. UI changes and better tutorials have also been pushed with patch 1.7!

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