LGBTQ+ comic Radio Silence is rocking towards their Kickstarter goal with no sign of slowing. With less than a week remaining to pledge, it is doing extremely well.

Let’s Hit the Road

Radio Silence is a coming of age drama about a British rock band called.. you guessed it, Radio Silence.

They want fame, and likely the fortune that comes with it. So, they make a plan to go on a rock tour around Europe. Blasting people with their guitar ballets and drum solos. Before I talk a little bit more about its story, we wrote a review on it which you can view here.

As the five best friends are touring they embrace their new rocker lifestyle with gusto, but don’t realise the challenges that come with it. With their success comes struggles, which they must figure out how to deal with. One of which is living in such close quarters with each other, resulting in personal dramas and hardships that they hadn’t experienced before.

Want to Know Something Very Cool?

The webcomic version allows the reader to in a sense, interact with the author, Vanessa Stefaniuk. Most pages will have comments and behind the scenes insights. On top of that, some even have the songs for you to listen to. Which is absolutely amazing!

Radio SilenceFor people that pledge certain amounts, they will be the first to receive the beautifully drawn physical book; it will also contain extra goodies. Specific pledgers will, of course, get a PDF version too.

As the Kickstarter’s end date coming up fast, you’ll have to get in quick to receive the quirky new comic book. I should definitely mention, volume one is not a small book. There are a whopping 200 pages; Radio Silence is sure to keep you busy.


Their Kickstarter ends on the 20th of September 2018.