After almost three years of work on Letters – A Written Adventure, Zurich-based team 5am Games finally feels ready to publish a playable version of their latest indie game. The team also announced they’ll be showcasing a more recent revision of the title during the Zurich Game Show.

Although far from a finished product, this release lets players explore some of the project’s core mechanics – including the ability to manipulate words in order to influence the environments around us!

5am Games is distributing the demo through, making Letters – A written Adventure available both to Windows and Mac users. Finally, according to the Swiss developers, all versions will be playable either with mouse and keyboard or with an XBOX controller. No words were spoken regarding PS4 nor Steam joypads.

What Do We Know Of Letters – A Written Adventure?

Born at the Zurich University of the Art, Letters – A Written Adventure was first designed as a short school assignment. The general idea behind it was to use words as the foundation for level design, entrusting all progress to the players’ ability to work with them. This is where the game’s core mechanics originate from.

In the shoes of Sarah, players navigate the messages sent by two long-time pen pals. As the journey progresses, we’ll be able to overcome various obstacles by combining words with drawings or by splitting them to create new terms. The conversation starts with a letter in 1994, continues through the early 2000s and finishes in 2019.

The students quickly understood the potential of their prototype, eventually deciding to come back to it in 2017. By the end of the same year, 5am Games managed to produce a first demo and showcase their work at multiple events.

Letters – A Written Adventure immediately received favorable feedback and seems  to be on the right track to become a solid indie title!