Here at The Indie Toaster, little gets us more excited than hearing about promising indie games. And when we saw NEXT Studio releasing a new gameplay trailer, we jumped at the opportunity to learn more about Iris.Fall; the Chinese team’s latest project.

The 63 seconds video gives us a pretty clear idea of what the game will be like. As the protagonist explores the various levels, hundreds of eyes track their every move. We see complex machinery coming to life and puzzles that we’ll likely need to solve in order to unlock the path forward.

Finally, while there’s no hints of a complex plot in the video, we shouldn’t be surprised if Iris.Fall ends up featuring one. The atmosphere and environments simply look too trippy to believe they won’t hold a larger than life secret. Plus: the indie title’s Steam page mentions it; so you narration junkies should be all set!

You can watch the trailer and come to your own conclusion right here, by clicking on the play button below.

What Exactly Should Iris.Fall Be?

First expected to hit the shelves on November 7th, 2018, Iris.Fall was presented as a complex puzzle-adventure with a unique art-style and fresh core mechanics. The indie game was eventually delayed until December – likely in an effort to give the devs a bit more time and let them squash all the bugs –  but the premises haven’t changed.

Players will lead Iris – a young girl who apparently has just woken up from a dream – as she enters and begins to explore an old theater. The situation seems quite normal at first but, almost immediately, the protagonist realizes just how intertwined her life and that of the dilapidated building are.

With the ability to seamlessly move from one dimension to the next and a certain proficiency for solving puzzles, Iris sets out to find the truth about her existence. We’ll be able to learn more about it all in less than a month, when Iris.Fall finally sees the light of day on December 7th!