Everyone loves a good bargain and as always Humble have provided. For a limited time you can get a couple of fantastic Book Bundles that may be right up your street.

If you are interested in machine learning or design, you may want to take a look at the latest Book Bundles Humble has on offer. As usual, they come with 14+ books to provide you with all the information you could want!

So Many Books, So Little Time

Humble’s UI/UX bundle includes some great literature for any designer. This set Android Design Patterns, The Indie Toaster, Humble of books has a big focus on usability, and how to improve a design to make it work better. It even has something for those designing projects for Android with the book Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers.

If you are a designer of any type, take at peak at this pack; it may have something for you. The UI/UX bundle offers $734 worth of digital books for as little as $15.

There is only a few days left on Humble’s second bundle, Machine Leaning: a series of books that cover basic to advanced material on Machine Learning. The volume go through pretty much everything you would want to know, from security to hacking. And most of the covers also have an illustration of a cool animal; what more could you want from them!?

I Pay What I Want?Deep Learning Cookbook, The Indie Toaster, Humble

If you are new to Humble, let me explain it real quick. With Humble you pay what you want,but you’ll need to meet certain thresholds to get certain products. These thresholds are split into $1, $8 and $15, with anything over $15 giving you the whole bundle.

Then, you can personally choose where the money goes. This can be charities, humble themselves or the company who helped create the bundle. It doesn’t stop there either, as we at The Indie Toaster may get a little tip too! Through our partnership with Humble Bundle we potentially get a little of every purchase, which we will use to provide you with great indie articles.

What you get to receive out of all of this, instead, is a bunch of digital books available on multiple formats for a fraction of the regular retail price. These copies are also DRM-free, allowing you to read them anywhere at any time. If you are a designer or interested in machine learning check out these bundles while they are still available!