Before going to bed, I love to unwind by reading a video game related book. With Humble’s latest Book Bundle, I might have to expand my library! This time, the site offers all the must have books for anyone interested in any area of game development, while allowing you to pay whatever you want!

Wait….Humble Does Books!?

If this is the first time you are hearing about Humble, you are missing out. This service provides amazing games and books for as little as $1! To top it all off, the consumer gets to dictate where that money goes. You can decide to send a paHumble, Book bundle, bundle, Game Development, Introduction to Game Development, The Indie Toaster rt or all of it to the publisher, the site itself or a charity of your choice.

Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, you’ll be able to unlock different items. For $1 you will receive five amazing books in PDF, ePUB or MOB, including the engaging Introduction to Game Development by James Parker. If you want more, you just have to pay a little more.

Raise price to $8 and you will receive a total of eleven books; or go the whole hog and for $15 receive nineteen books! This will give you everything you need to know about game design, from writing to programming for a fraction of the regular price. According to humble, If you were to get these books separately, the entire thing would cost over $649.

Grab Your Bundle Now!

Does this bundle peek your interest?  You only have twelve days left to snatch one up. After that, you wont have the chance again. To get your copy now, visit this link and follow the instructions! Note that The Indie Toaster might receive a little tip with each purchase, if you decide we deserve it!