Two Bundles Full of Goodies Are Available for Day Of The Devs

Developers are the best! Without them, we wouldn’t have the majesty that are video games and this year marks the 6th annual Day Of The Devs. If you find yourself in San Francisco on November 11th, you’ll be able to play games, rock out to live music and eat awesome food. Another way you can celebrate our beloved developers is by heading over to Humble and snatching yourself some bargains.

Yes, the great minds at Humble have created a Bundle dedicated to Day Of The Devs. This Bundle offers $111 worth of games for as little as $12 and includes some brilliant titles. If you are one of our lovely developers there is also a Book Bundle dedicated to mastering Java. Everything you need to celebrate developers!

Gimme Those Indie Games!

Humbles Dev Bundle is all about celebrating new indie titles and is also the only way to get a VIP ticket for the Day Of The Devs event. The first tier of this bundle gets you Full Throttle Remastered and Burly Men At Sea; two amazing graphic adventures to add to your Steam library. Pay a little more and you unlock the second Day Of The Devs, The Indie Toaster, Humble Bundle tier, which contains the gruesome Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. You will also get the much loved Rime and the highly anticipated Yooka-Laylee.

The final tier is where you unlock your Day Of The Devs VIP ticket; which gives you early entry, acts as a fast pass and entitles you to a 20% discount at the iam8bit pop-up shop. That sounds amazing, if you live in San Francisco. If not… well there is still something in it for you: this VIP ticket will act as a coupon 20% for iam8bit’s website which ships worldwide. As well as the pass, you will also get two additional titles: the amazingly weird Minit and epic adventure RPG Hyper Light Drifter.

What better way to celebrate developers than by playing their games! This Bundle is only available for the next few days, however. If you want to grab it, you better act fast!

Become The Developer

Being a developer seems amazing – extremely hard but amazing none the less. If you have wanted to give it a go or brush up on your Java skills, the people at Humble have the Bundle for you. Offering up $1,712 worth of digital books for only $15, this is the cheapest way you could get all that Java knowledge you have been craving. With the first tier covering web services, algorithms and spring security, there is a lot of knowledge on offer.

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Unlock to the final tier and you will have everything you need to master Java. Including a book on learning Java by building Android games. As a developer, there is a lot you need to know and learn; which can be tricky. Having knowledge like this  at your fingertips can help out a great deal. These books will be useful, no matter if you are a Java novice or a Java expert. This Bundle caters to all, with videos that give step-by-step knowledge and highly detailed books to master all the ways to use Java.

Just like with the game Bundle. there is a limited time left on this book Bundle. If you want to learn more about Java, grab this Bundle as it will be the cheapest way to get all these books and videos.

Pay What You Want and Show Your Support

Both Bundles are split into three tiers and – while with the Book Bundle the lowest you can pay to unlock the first tier is $1 – for the game Bundle you can pay as little as you want. If you meet a tier price you unlock all the goodies in that tier. In any case, the most you will pay for the whole a Bundle is $15. You can choose how much you want to spend and what tiers to buy. Once you have chosen what you want you want to pay, you can then choose where the money goes.

At the Humble checkout there are sliders allowing you to designate who your money goes to. One of those sliders is named The Indie Toaster, and that’s where you can send some of your money directly to us. All contributions go towards paying for our severs and allow us to continue providing you with indie goodness.

If you want to snag these amazing bundles and give us a hand while doing so you can get the Dev Bundle here. While you can get the Book Bundle here.

A big thank you from all the staff here at The Indie Toaster!

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