Upcoming Indie Game Lets You Play God

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The world might remember Dutch indie studio Abbey Games for titles like Reus and Renowned Explores, but that didn’t stop the dev team from brainstorming¬† new ideas. Earlier today, the company announced that they’re working on a new IP.

Godhood – what we understand to be a God Simulator – should hit the shelves sometimes next year. We know that the title will be released on PC but haven’t been given a date other than a generic 2019. Nevertheless, we’ll be happy to share the news as soon as we learn more.

The press-release included a 45 seconds trailer, which shows us a bit more about Godhood’s art-style and gameplay. Hit the big square right above this paragraph to see it!


Little is sure so early in development, but Godhood will apparently allow you to become your own god; with all the perks that come with it! Players will be able to create their own religious, instruct their disciples, and even use their godly powers to influence the civilizations they lead.

Every aspect of your newborn faith – from the things you deem most holy to the behavior of your priests – can be customized. Other deities will want to wrestle power from you, potentially turning the game into an intricate battle for the survival of the fittest!

Godhood also promises to deliver beautiful aesthetics and a ton of replayability. The former depicts the world in a lush isometric perspective; the latter is built on top of a deep simulation system, dozens of religions to work with, and a series of unlockable secrets!

That’s all we know for now, but we already see a lot of potential in Abbey Game’s latest project! If you want to know more, don’t forget to check the devs’ website here!

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