With an email sent straight to The Indie Toaster’s inbox, Eva & Lukas from Attu Games told us that Feudal Alloy isn’t quite ready yet. The Czech-made metroidvania indie title needs a bit more time in the oven and unfortunately won’t be hitting the markets for at least the next couple of months.

The team behind this indie game didn’t feel like sharing the reasons for the unexpected delay, but they did give us an approximate release date for their project. According to the same press-release, Feudal Alloy will finally see the light of day in January 2019. That is; unless something else happens!

Still, we can’t exactly be mad with indie devs who decide to take a bit longer than expected. We know everybody at Attu Games is working hard and can’t wait to see what Feudal Alloy brings to the table once it comes out!

What Do We Know Of Feudal Alloy?

First unveiled in August 2017 – but in the works for more than 2 years and a half – Feudal Alloy prides itself on being somewhat of a wacky RPG. The title features an array of fish-controlled medieval robots that roam a large hand-drawn world. Different kind of enemies, secrets to discover, places to explore, and collectibles to find are scattered throughout the levels!

In the shoes of Attu, a farmer whose house was razed to the ground by a group of bandits, you’ll pick up your old sword and embark on a new adventure. Choose which path to follow, collect gear, and vanquish your foes through the game’s dynamic combat system as you look for a way to defeat evil.

Feudal Alloy already has its own Steam page, which you can visit to wishlist it. The game will be published on all major gaming systems – including the Switch. It will be available in 18 languages and will cost about 15$ US when it comes out in 2019!