Executive Assault 2 now has a Steam page and a release date, although no official post about the latter has yet been made by the team. The games page only allows you to follow the project or put it on your wishlist.

The Indie Toaster will monitor the situation and update this article accordingly as we learn more. In the meantime, let’s see what we already know together.

An RTS/FPS Phenomenon

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, Executive Assault is a real-time strategy first-person shooter similar to Supreme Commander. As the CEO of a massive company, you’ll build up your own base and try to decimate the enemy. You can fight an AI, a human opponent or both at the same time.

The title’s gameplay relies on you managing different resources as well as your electricity output. Having strong management skills will allow you to create a large robot army and a huge base – strong enough to withstand the most powerful attacks. There are large technology trees for all sorts of upgrades, which will strengthen both your robots and base.

Executive Assault 2

Unlike Executive Assault 1, the second game is set in space! The aim of the game is to infiltrate the enemy’s base and defeat their CEO, which isn’t always that easy. With it now going to space, instead of being on a planet, it will be interesting to see how you can get into an enemy’s camp.

A Long Time Coming

Fans of Executive Assault have been waiting for the second installment for a couple years now. The lone developer, Rob from Hesketh Studios, has done his best to keep people interested. If you wish to know more, you should check his Twitter – where he shares constant updates about the game – as well as the occasional video he uploads to YouTube.

And now, for that date we mentioned before. Write this down: Executive Assault 2 will be available for purchase on Steam – in Early Access – from October 18th 2018!