As per the Creative Europe – Media Sub-Programme, the EU will distribute 3,78 million Euro ( about 4,3 million Dollars) to video-game developers across its territory. The move comes amidst attempts to bolster the European game development industry and was designed to help the creation of interactive experiences that could make the Union competitive on the global market.

Eligible European studios can apply to receive financial contributions between 10.000 and 150.000 Euro (11 to 171K USD), provided the sum does not exceed 50% of the total development costs for their project. The deadline for this initiative falls on February 27th, 2019, while the winners will be announced in August.

Program Requirements And Criteria For Admission

The call for proposals is open to any EU-based gaming studio that has been legally constituted for at least 12 months prior to the submission date and whose team can demonstrate a recent commercial success. Additionally, for the 2018/2019 edition of the Media Sub-Programme , the organizers decided to only accept projects belonging to a certain genre.

More specifically, the pitch each company will present must be for a narrative-driven experience in which the plot is told or shown throughout the whole game. Puzzles, racing, PvP, dancing, sports, social, and party titles – as well as tools, guides, promotional material or any project that encourages racism or violence – will all be considered ineligible by the committee.

Between March and July 2019, each submission will be evaluated on the basis of overall quality, innovation, relevance to the goals of the EU and originality. Once the winners are announced and the contributions are sent out, game developers will have up to 36 months to design, complete, and distribute their project to the public.

Note: the above article briefly summarizes the topic at hand, purposely omitting some details, and is to be considered for informational purposes only.

As such, before you commit to this initiative, The Indie Toaster invites you to study the full text for the project which is available on the EU’s official website here.