Sometimes, a genius and unique idea pops in the mind of a developer. How about a game where you have to kill everyone else in order to win? Or one in which you have to jump and avoid obstacles in order to reach the end of a track? Uhm… those ideas don’t sound THAT original.

How about a hole that eats everything it comes across increasing its size, allowing you to collect bigger objects? Well, apart from being every order-obsessed person’s paradise, that’s also the concept behind Donut County. The game, aside from having one of the most original concepts of the last decade, also has a great team behind; Annapurna Interactive, publishers of last years’ Gorogoa and award-winning What Remains Of Edith Finch among the many. Particularly, we have to credit Ben Esposito as this project’s developer. The game is expected to be out on 28th of August, on Steam, GoG, PS4, Android and Apple Stores; its premises are already enough to count us among its fans!

However, there’s been quite the controversy around it, that got many sector journalists talking about the real issue of knock-offs and how they could damage the industry as a whole.

Donut County… Got Plagiarized?!?

It is hard to draw a line between inspiration and plagiarism. Thanks to a rather open normative on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which considers assets as the only protected propriety, many developers are realizing knock-offs and lookalikes of other indie games.  One of the biggest producers of this kind of content is for sure mobile developer Voodoo.  The dynamics of one of their latest creations,, are incredibly similar to Donut County. The game is also one of the most downloaded apps on mobile outlets, and it released about a  couple of months ago. Donut County

Furthermore, Donut County and differ for being respectively a story-driven game filled with irony, and a casual game; had we to choose only one, we’d have no doubt which we would get! Yes, even if we had to wait until August 28th!