This spring, bring the world to its knees with your mobile phone. The massively popular and award-winning occult strategy game, Cultist simulator, will soon be portable. This means you can beat off starvation and rise up your own cult while on the go!

With developers Weather Factory partnering up with Playdigious, we’re expecting the transition from PC to mobile to be a smooth one. Playdigious are indie game mobile specialists, who brought us Evoland 2, so we are expecting great things.

What’s Cultist Simulator!?

If you have never heard of this amazing game, I am surprised! It has over 200,000 players worldwide and has been praised highly by many gaming magazines. Cultist Simulator is a 1920s-themed game where you are a seeker of unholy mysteries. You can create a cult to gain disciples, which you can feast off if that is your style. Alternatively, maybe you would rather use them to carry out your deeds, as you learn to summon alien gods.

Cultist Simulator is a narrative card game, where your choices shape the narrative you create. There are hours of gameplay, as long as you keep yourself alive! This dark game will test your ability to plan, while allowing you to explore the world of a cultist. It makes you balance multiple tasks at once with punishments if you do not succeed.The Indie Toaster, Cultist Simulator, Mobile Port, Mobile Game

Raise Your Cult At A Discount

New to the game or an old player, you may want to jump on this mobile port fast. If you are one of the first the indulge in mobile Cultist Simulator, you have the chance to save some money. For all those who pre-order on Android, the developers are offering a 30% discount on the game’s price. Alternatively, at launch, there will be a limited time offer of 30% off for both Android and iOS.

If you want to delve into the dark mysteries of the world while on the move, Cultist Simulator is perfect for you. Keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss the discount and have fun unleashing evil.