The long-awaited sword swinging, slice and dice, gore-filled game Chop now has a release date.

On August 31st Chop hits Steam Early Access and you can play to your heart’s content.

Chop has been in development for 3 years now and as such, its developers, Claws Up Games are very eager to see it hit the market. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, its developers are proud to be having it hit the market.

What Is Chop About?

For those of you unfamiliar or that don’t have a clear idea of what Chop is, it is a 2D fast-paced arena game. Four people enter and only one leaves intact. Verse your friends to find out who has the most skill, or luck. With near-instantaneous respawns, there is no time to savour the kill. Unlike most multiplayer games, Chop is a shared screen experience. Your goal is to destroy your enemies in the most glorious way possible. You have many weapons at your disposal to blast and slice up your enemies. Doing so will create a phenomenal amount of blood. Remember to bring a mop and bucket.


There are 4 playable characters to choose from, each has their own special ability to ensure maximum carnage and devastation. The early access release has two game modes available. Last Survivor and Rush Out. Rush Out will be a high-intensity game mode. Rush Out requires the players to kill each other as fast as possible. Doing so will open a portal and you must escape before it closes, slicing everyone up on your way out. If you don’t make it out before it shuts, you lose. There are over 20 battle arenas to play though. All have their own unique layout so that it keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting. The arena can kill you too, watch out for the spikes.


Chop will be available on PC, Mac and Linux systems.