Developer and publisher 11 Bit Studios – the team behind popular indie games such as Moonlighter, Beat Cop and This War of Mine – has announced the price for their upcoming RPG Children of Morta earlier today.

The title, which doesn’t have a precise release date yet but should hit the shelves later this summer, will be available digitally for 21,99$ US (21,99€ or your regional equivalent) on PC as well as all major consoles..

The announcement came with an additional surprise: a beautiful rendering of Children of Morta‘s box art that you can look at by scrolling back to the top of this article. While it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can put our paws on the game, the news definitely got us excited here at The Indie Toaster!

More About Children of Morta…

Developed by Dead Mage Inc. (Shadow Blade/Tale of Ronin), Children of Morta is a hack ‘n slash/fantasy-RPG set in a distant land. The themes it tackles and the narratives it is built on, however, strike close to home.

As the world they inhabit inches closer to annihilation, swallowed by a mysterious entity only known as “the corruption”, a family of heroes has to stand up against the ancient evil.

This is not a  game about epic battles, though; but rather one about love, uncertainty, loss, and ultimately the willingness to sacrifice it all to save the ones we love. With unique graphics and intriguing mechanics, Children of Morta promises to amaze and leave its mark on us all.

An ever-changing world, the freedom to customize each of the game’s character and the ancestral wisdom your family members will share throughout the adventure also make each run unlike the previous one, returning  an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat for days!

Visit Children of Morta’s Steam page here to learn everything about the game, its development, and to add this promising title to your wishlist.