Prepare for 96+ hours of lectures, talks, experiments, and workshops; with the chance to meet industry leaders and a lot of other people you can learn something from. Campus Party  – the international tech, culture, and innovation event held within Fiera Milano Rho in Milan – is only 28 days away!

The 2019 edition of Campus Party – scheduled to take place from July 24th to July 27th – will focus on celebrating humanity’s greatest achievements. The event’s 6 stages – which will deal with Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, and the building of a new Utopia – are going to host more than 250 guests and key figures throughout the four days.

Among others, the list of participants includes FRR president Aimee Van Wynsberghe, special effects expert Daniele Bigi (who contributed to Ready Player One), and 17 year-old Italian robotics superstar Valeria Cagnina; already considered one of the 50 most influential women in the tech world despite her age.

That’s not all, however. On July 25th, renowned scientist and father of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee will also join in as a keynote speaker. In light of his participation, Campus Party launched a global call for ideas on how to improve the web for the future. The challenge is open to more than 650.000 participants in over 14 countries and the best proposals will be presented to Berners-Lee himself.

What Makes Campus Party Unique?

While several conferences around the world can boast a long list of influential guests, only Campus Party lets you spend 4 days in complete contact with the best from the tech industry. Campuseros – that’s how participants call each other – sleep, eat, work, and learn together; ensuring not even a minute goes to waste.

The event features an arena in which the various challenges, workshops, talks, and special activities will take place; an experience area  where you can get your hands on the latest tech toys, meet potential employers, and take a break in the food court and finally a village – where the true magic happens.

Here, up to 4000 people can choose to spend each of the event’s nights in as many tents. If you are brave enough to do so, be prepared to get little actual sleep! Instead, you’ll find yourself meeting new friends, discussing a plethora of interesting topics, and even planning groundbreaking projects together.

campus party 2018 village camping area

Village Area at Campus Party Italia 2018 – Ph: @robi_cocco (Twitter)

How Can I Participate?

Tickets to Campus Party Italia 2019 are already on sale through the event’s official site. The price-tag currently reads 30€ (or your regional equivalent)  – instead of the full 150€. Each ticket gives you access to the various areas as well as the camping village. There’s even a tent that you can bring back home once the event is over!

If you want to join Campus Party in Milan, though, we suggest you get your tickets early on. The offer we just mentioned is only valid until July 8th and – based on our personal experience – the price is likely going to increase as we get closer to the event’s starting date.

But what if Milan is simply too far for you? Not a problem! The Indie Toaster will be in Rho to report directly from the floors; ready to share anything we see with you people. Simply make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and it’ll be just as if you were there with us!