A new Call of Cthulhu trailer was released today and this first glance left us wanting more! Inspired by Chaosium’s classic pen-and-paper RPG, Call of Cthulhu is an investigation RPG set in the Lovecraft universe. This game will task you to investigate a murder, while you fight to keep your sanity.

Our protagonist, Edward Pierce, is a former war veteran turned private investigator and struggling alcoholic. His latest case is to investigate the death of the Hawkins family after their stately home went up in an inferno of flames and smoke!

Can You Resist The Call of Cthulhu?

What starts as a typical investigation on the lonely island of Blackwater quickly turns into something a lot more sinister. You will feel the influence of Lovecraftian Old Gods oozing out of Call Of Cthulhu.

You will experience multiple interactions throughout the game, not all of which will be nice. There will be a choice on how to deal with these situations, but it is down to your skills to determine the outcome. Skill will also determine how much knowledge you can obtain from clues but we wary: sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

While knowledge may give you the upper hand in conversations, helping you unwrap the mystery, it comes at a price. Call of Cthulhu’s unique sanity and psychotic crisis mechanics mean the closer you come to the truth the more you push your sanity.

Explore The Island Of Blackwater

Pierce is no lone wolf,  so you can recruit a small team of investigators and task them to solve various cases across the island. You best play nice though, as your choices can The Indie Toaster, Call of Cthulhuimpact the narrative and relationship you have with your companions.

Call of Cthulhu offers a rich environment for the player to explore. Be careful, however, as all sorts of monstrosities could be lurking in the shadows. To survive your time on Blackwater, you will have to enhance your abilities and learn new skills.

Unfortunately you will have to wait till October 30th to give this mystery a go. Scheduled to be released on PC and console, there will be no excuse to not give in to the Call of Cthulhu.