Do you like puzzles? Do you like clever wordplay? What about headbutting blocks repeatedly to create zany solutions? If so, get ready for Baba Is You! The award-winning puzzle game has just had its release date announced by Finnish developer Arvi Teikari, having previously won the Nordic Game Jam 2017 amongst other accolades and nominations.

Baba Is You will be released on 13 March 2019 on Nintendo Switch™ & Win/Mac/Linux. It will also be available on the Humble Store and

What’s Baba Is You, Exactly?

The rules of each level are literally written on each level of the game. To win, you have to change the rules of each level by re-writing them. You can accomplish this by headbutting words which appear in the form of blocks to create new sentences. Players are encouraged to think outside of the box to win each level.

For example, you can turn yourself into a rock (Baba Is Rock), walk over lava (Lava Is Flat) or manipulate large sections of walls (Baba Is Wall). The game features some very cute artwork and catchy music and there are over 200 levels to play!

baba is you screenshot #2

Sounds interesting? You can wishlist Baba Is You on Steam and it will be available for €12.50 (USD $15). Do take note that the Nintendo Switch™ version will be released in the US/EU/AU regions and the game will be in only English (at least initially).

In the meantime, you can play the jam build on for a suggested donation of 2 euros. Give it a go and find out why Baba is a winner!