A reboot of Apparatus – the popular mobile title first released by Bithack in 2011 – has recently appeared on Kickstarter. The original indie game – which is no longer available to the public – was downloaded several million times before the company eventually decided to pull the plug on it due to financial trouble.

Now, head developer Emil Romanus wishes to bring back his own creation. The campaign already gained a good amount of traction, with more than 30 people pledging their support in the first 24 hours. Bithack promises the original Apparatus experience, enhanced through the use of modern technology.

A Bit More About Apparatus

Born in the infancy of  smart devices, Apparatus was a brain-twiddling, physics-based puzzler for Android phones. Players were given a finite amount of resources to build working machines that allowed them to solve the puzzles and progress through the levels – basically the Japanese PythagoraSwitch show on steroids!

Apparatus‘ main strength, however, was without doubts its versatility. Instead of simply following a precise path to the end of the level, you were free to use your imagination. This gave life to a thriving community of “amateur engineers” who often spent hours coming up with unique – and at times frightening – creations.

A dragon shooting lightning out of its mouth, of course.

Following the shut-down of the original title, the people at Bithack received an overwhelming number of messages asking for a reboot. The developer aims to bring back the original community as well as adding  a few extra features to their upcoming indie game.

According to the KickStarter page, the latter would include new building blocks, more objects, and a sandbox mode. Apparatus will also allow players to share their own creations, compete against other members of the community, and chat through a series of dedicated forums. Our staff is eager to see what Bithack can come up with.

If you want to learn more about this crowdfunding project and its creators or contribute to it, you can visit the official KickStarter page here.