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We’re always excited by the opportunity of playing an indie game for free; especially if we know it will be worth it! When we heard of the Humble Store offering keys for A Story About My Uncle, we thought we’d share the news with our community.

For the next 30 or so hours, the popular retailer will be giving a copy of the game to anyone that subscribes to their newsletter. Getting yours is pretty easy: simply visit the link at the bottom of this article, input a valid e-mail address, and activate the code on Steam.

This isn’t only a marketing stunt by the people at Humble, however. According to the site itself, there are no strings attached to the gift. As long as you claim it before the time runs out, A Story About My Uncle will remain yours to play; even if you decide to leave the mailing list!

More On “A Story About My Uncle”

Developed by indie studio Gone North Games – you might have heard of Goat Simulator, their most popular release – A Story About My Uncle first saw the light of day in 2014. The 1st-person puzzle-platformer subsequently enjoyed a huge amount of popularity on Steam, receiving more than 9400 reviews and 100+ thumbs up in the last 30 days alone.

As the protagonist tells his daughter a story about his own uncle, we plunge into a mysterious and magical world. The game struck a chord with players and gaming critics alike. Reviewers across the globe praised A Story About My Uncle for its beautiful levels, the compelling narrative, and the intuitiveness of the game’s mechanics.

A short, non-violent adventure that you can complete in an afternoon, this indie game is a tiny masterpiece that deserves a place in your personal collection; especially now that you can have it for free!

Join The Humble Store’s newsletter and grab your free copy of A Story About My Uncle here.

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