If you’re on the lookout for more indie games to get your hands on for your Nintendo Switch, then look no further!

Joining the a large list of studios and developers such as Activision and Bethesda, 11 bit studios have teamed up with the giant that is Nintendo Switch to bring four great titles to the console’s library.


Released back in May of this year, Moonlighter (developed by Digital Sun Games) is an action-RPG adventure that centres on the village of Rynoka. Fighting and exploring, along with the occasional bartering and socialising, you play the hero in search of other worlds.

If you want to find out our opinion of Moonlighter, then check Alasdair Padman’s review of the game on The Indie Toaster. You can expect this release in the Fall.

This War of Mine

This survival war game, released back in 2014 by Koch Media/Deep Silver, was widely praised for its devastating depiction of civilian struggles in a city plagued by war and death. The player takes on the role of multiple characters; civilians from a city who are just trying to survive.

This War of Mine was so popular with fans that 11 Bit Studios expanded the universe through two DLCs: The Little Ones and The Father’s Promise.

11 Bit Studios are teaming up with Crunching Koalas, whose role is bringing indie games to consoles, to publish This War of Mine for the Switch. The game will come as a Complete Edition, along with both DLCs, in November.

Children of Morta

Developed by Dead Mage, Children of Morta is the interesting story of the lives of the Bergson family in a fantasy world. Or – more specifically – a mystical mountain called Mount Morta which they watch over. Alongside the single-player campaign, there is also the option to play the whole game in co-op mode!

The artwork looks stunning and the characters sound just too interesting to pass up. With their own individual fighting styles, personalities and talents, each character has something new to bring to the table for the battles. You can expect this Switch release in early 2019.

Beat Cop

As the fourth game coming up for the Switch, Beat Cop was released last year: developed by Pixel Crow and published by 11 Bit Studios. With a TV-style story and gameplay, Beat Cop promotes its focus on the plot over the action gameplay, with multiple endings for the player to find.

With your role of playing as former detective Jack Kelly, you have the choice of really tailoring this game to fit your character, or the character you want to be in an 80’s cop show.

The game was only available to people on PC, Mac, and Linux, so it would be great to see this title become playable on a console.  Crunching Koalas, who is publishing Beat Cop, are also working on getting an XboxOne and PS4 release together. In the meantime, before its release in Fall 2018, watch the trailer below to find out more about this amazing experience!