We have all heard the story before of two people falling in love, only for that love to die and leave both people in lingering misery. A misery so strong the only solution is to claim as many material belongings as possible.

This is where the UpBreakers come in; manic removal teams whose aim is to snag as much of your property as they humanly can!

Its Not You, Its Me!

Break-ups can be tough! Bootsmann Games have now put a very interesting twist, on a usually very melancholy event. Their UpBreakers is a great new indie game, that the German team put on Kickstarter about a month ago. The project’s doing exceptionally well and is only about 1300 dollars away from its goal.

This frenzy-filled title has you and your friends competing to see who can grab the most belongings for their heart-broken client! With up to 16 players, the battle can be intense. As you use environments and traps to your advantage, every second of this game is designed to be action packed. There are many ways in which you can outsmart your opponents and keep them on their toes.

UpBreakers, The Indie Toaster, Wall explosion gif

From what we can see, this game will be a great addition to your multi-player game nights. Play with friends in the same room or online. UpBreakers encourages you to release your dark side. There is no time for fair play in this game. Just grab as much as you can, no matter the cost!

Call In The UpBreakers!

Only a few days remain for UpBreakers to reach its target over on kickstarter. If this game sounds up your street, make sure to go and help it out. Hopefully to be released on PC and Nintendo Switch, this great party game could lighten up any evening.

So go ahead and make a pledge. Soon, you may be healing a person’s broken heart by raiding their house!