Fed up of pay to play and micro-transactions? Well so is Yuriy Popov, the Co-Founder and Lead Producer of Incineration Productions. Striving to create a game that doesn’t pray on the wallets of its players but instead focuses on pure gameplay, Third Omen was born. This old-school third-person action-adventure is currently in development, and can be supported on Kickstarter.

Incineration Productions is a small team that does not have a star-studded background, but is hoping to change that. So what is Third Omen? And will it have your support?

What Is Third Omen?The Indie Toaster, Third Omen, Incineration Productions

You Play as kick-ass protagonist Eve who is a primordial force and has a fringe that should leave her blind. Seeking revenge on the demons of her past, while battling the moral decision to avenge the evil or to keep the balance. Oh and, don’t worry if you make a mistake… it might only lead to total annihilation.

Third Omen has a tense, surrealistic dark fantasy atmosphere, as you battle through distorted enemies who intend on destroying you. To crush them you will have to master the precise fast-paced timing-based combat system. A system that gives you complete control of your actions. With a mix of RPG and psychological horror, you will be immersed in the game. There won’t be cheap jump scares but instead, it will be a game that stays with you.The Indie Toaster, Third Omen, Incineration Productions

What Do You Get For Your Support?

Third Omen has a goal of $47,000 and is already 31% funded, but there is not much time left! You can support Third Omen for as little as $5 and receive something in return.

In return, not only do you get the knowledge that you have helped Incineration Productions; you will also become a part of the community. The more you pledge the more you receive. There is so much on offer, from a heartfelt thank you email to access to testing and a copy of the game itself.

If you would love to see Third Omen hitting the shelves, then go and support it so it can; there is not much time left to meet its goal.