Everyone believes that if stranded on a desert island, they would tap into those natural survival skills and become Bear Grylls. While I sit here in my superhero joggy bottoms with my phone and computer; I too believe I could survive on a island, with all my camping in the back garden experience. Island is a game that could offer me the chance to put that belief to the test,while not having to leave my house.

Take On The Island

Wanderers is offering gamers the chance to fight against weather, hunger and Island, Kickstarter, The Indie Toaster dangerous environments. Their current project, Island, is currently on kickstarter waiting for your support! This strategy RPG is designed to really challenge players and, in all honesty looks amazing. Wanderers really have covered everything, to create a real  survival experience. You can suffer sunburn, illness and even hallucinations, if you are not prepared.

There are so many variables you need to consider to keep yourself alive and healthy. It truly is a game for those who enjoy a good challenge. There will be multiple procedurally generated islands to explore by land and sea. Each offering new challenges and resources. Another cool feature, is the screen constantly will show a short and long range view. This feature is designed so that you can plan you next move.

It is boasted to have a very easy to pick up control system too, so you can get straight into the challenge. If you enjoy a good survival game, this could be your next adventure.Island, Kickstarter, The Indie Toaster

Can You Survive?

Island is full to the brim with amazing features, that I could talk about for hours. Though you are probably better off just visiting their kickstarter, as I wont do the game justice!

If you too think Island sounds like a brilliant game to be, make sure you give them a pledge. Each pledge comes with some awesome rewards. Island has almost reached its target, so lets turn this game into reality.