Manmade is a new VR and non-VR title by Cbilab studios, based out of turkey. They recently launched a kickstarter to help fund the project, along side a demo on  I would like to take some time to talk about my experience with it, and where I think Manmade fits into the VR market!

A Visual delight, in VR!

I personally love virtual reality,I have spent over 200 hours Strapped into my Vive.  As of now, it is rather hard to have a game that’s not cartoony look, and pleasing enough to be played for a long time. Manmade is one of the few that look like an AAA realistic game, and still runs smoothly.

Everything about Manmade creates an atmosphere. The room it is set in feels like it belongs in the minority report, everything is sterile and sleek. Texts pops out in front of you, with information about what your seeing. There’s even a moment when the protagonist uses his increased senses, highlighting a fan he hears under a unit. What this gives us is a stylized, clean visual style that’s pleasing to be immersed in.

Manmade, VR

My name is Kaan.

In the demo the player steps into the shoes of Kaan, one of the creators of the very A.I that rules the future. As a result, it falls on our shoulders to seek revenge on the manmade threat. You will use Kaan’s enhanced senses to solve puzzles. This includes the already mention hearing but also feeling ambient heat from the servers in the room. This creates some fun possibility for the full release. Because of this, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will affect later puzzles.

Most of all, I’m eager to meet the other characters of Manmade and see how they will integrate with Cbilab idea of a choice-based videogame. At the end of the demo we are given a choice, speak to a guard or to overload his equipment. Peaceful or aggressive, either way you escape but I have to imagine one might come back to haunt you.

Are games like Manmade the future of VR?

Manmade is an interesting mix of first and third person gameplay; it’s unlike anything i have played before in virtual reality.

Another aspect that was new for me were Quick-Time Events in VR. I will admit to personally not being a huge fan of them in games, but I believe they can be done well. Under this aspect, Manmade has a couple issues, that I hope will be worked out by its release: first of all, the camera jumps during them, which can be a bit jarring. My main fear is Vive controllers have a problem with the touch pad not responding 100% of them time. Depending on the controller in my right hand there was a time where i just couldn’t complete the end QTE. This is more of a hardware issue, but something I hope is addressed.

Manmade, VR, virtual reality


What Manmade does right is it brings something new and impressive to the indie and VR table. Cbilab are using motion capture, and face capture, that bring  fluidity and detail that I haven’t seen yet in VR. As a result, the characters feels more real, more alive then in the standard affair.

In short, Manmade does a lot right just in its brief demo, and I am looking forward to discover what the future holds for this game! Be sure to check out the kickstarter and the demo, and support them for exclusive content!