‘Like Father, Like Daughter’ Kickstarter Skyrockets Past 2000$

Barely leaving the surface of their Kickstarter launch on the 15th of August, Short Fuse Media have proved Like Father, Like Daughter is a comic series we should all be keeping our eyes on!

Not even a week in and with four more to find more pledges, this comic-book already gathered over half of the funds it needs! This is an astonishing achievement for a project that aims to attract long-term fans, as well as bringing in new readers.

There is no doubt that the team behind it will be successful, but they’re so close to reaching their goal that they can use all the support they can must. If you’re interested in the life of superhero Casey Ryder, pay a visit to Short Fuse Media’s Kickstarter page.

It Runs In The Family

Like Father, Like Daughter places us in the life of Casey Ryder: part-time high school student and part-time superhero. Not all is as it seems,  however, as Casey has inherited her father’s superhuman powers; the same abilities that drove him to leave the family and take on a superhero persona.

The series was created by the wonderfully talented Kathryn Calamia, who has worked as a comic-books journalist for websites such as Newsarama, IGN, and Fandom. She is also an active content creator on YouTube, where she uses her channel to promote Like Father, Like Daughter, as well as reviewing an array of comics on the platform.

Like Father, Like Daughter originated from a screenplay that Kathryn had created, and it wasn’t until she read the screenplay later that she saw the potential of a comic book idea. In a world with only one superhero, with an interesting female lead, this comic places Casey in a topsy-turvy environment that she needs to overcome and fight her way through if she wants to understand who she truly is.

In order to continue publishing and printing books for fans and potential readers, a Kickstarter was set up to help raise the funds to get existing Like Father, Like Daughter comics available in one book: the Collected Edition. This includes all four editions of the comic, as well as additional short stories and content that never saw the light of day in the previous publications.


  1. Kathryn Calamia

    Love the piece, thanks for helping spread the word for our book!

    • Alessandro Cossidente

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop! We’d love to hear more about your future projects! 😀

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