Lamentum is the first game from developer ObscureTales. It’s described as a pixel art survival horror game set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century.

Lamentum revolves around a young aristocrat named Victor. In a desperate search for the cure of a rare disease, Victor finds himself in a dark mansion. Here he will do the long-forgotten ritual called The Pact of Laments.

With heavy inspiration from other survival games such as Alone in the dark, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, ObscureTales seems to have a good idea on their hands. similarly to those titles, this indie game will have multiple endings and actions will have consequences that affect the story. 

Scary Pixel-Art and Deep Gameplay

Lamentum has some of the best horror pixel art I have seen. It feels like a Lovecraft game played on an early nineties computer. Most of the enemies are body horror in nature with too many limbs, faces or just pulsating warts. The entire art direction gives off an uncanny feel of a game you played as a kid, where your imagination did most of the scaring.

The gameplay seems meaty: with a lot of puzzles, hiding, and even some combat. I am still unsure of what route ObscureTales will take with the combat. Will the game have winnable combats or is it just a matter of buying some extra survival time?

On top of all this, the game will feature sounds and music from Black Light Sound, something which – after listening to some samples – made me very excited; being the sound geek that I am.

In Conclusion

Lamentum is currently on Kickstarter and the campaign runs until July 26th. The studio are already halfway there and I for one will be backing this game. What I am seeing makes this project seem very promising and – with a release planned for Q1 2020 –  I really hope the developer reach their goal.

If you want to support independent game developers making their first awesome horror game then head on over to Lamentum‘s Kickstarter and fund the Cthulhuian butt out of it!