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Helheim Video Review – Frantic Combats In Northern Lands


Visiting many local events, we got the pleasure to try many demos of Helheim during the past year or so. The game’s the first commercial release of Not A Number, published by Redout creators 34BigThings, and one that surely lets us foresee success in the future of this team.

A stunningly drawn cutscene introduces us to the main character, Hella, the Nordic goddess of the underworld, moved by the desire to avenge her fall and get her throne back.

The whole gameplay consists of hack n’ slash mechanics, that will challenge players to think fast and strategically in order to proceed. The biggest attraction of Helheim resides perhaps in the frantic rhythm and hardcore features, which don’t leave any space for mistakes nor hesitation. The seek for the hardcore thrill could perhaps be a dealbreaker for some gamers, especially the most casual ones, but the difficulty settings do leave space to choose how the approach to this game will be.


Resources wise, Helheim is a pretty heavy gamefor which the developers recommend at least 8 GB of RAM space and a GTX 960 to run smoothly. Another issue we encountered is that the keyboard mechanics don’t perfectly match the keyboard ones, making it hard to mimic an 8 axes movement through WASD inputs.

This isn’t per se a dealbreaker, but it will need a bit more time to adjust when first starting the game. Alternatively, we used a Steam link connected to either a Steam or Xbox controller, with which the whole experience felt more natural.

Despite said issues, Helheim presents itself like a solid adventure that definitely is worth picking up if you enjoy bullet hell/hack n’slash games; we had a good time with it overall, and can’t wait to see what the team behind it will present us in the future!

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