Every year around this time, The Indie Toaster’s team is out and about visiting Torino Comics. It’s a rather small but interesting event, that hosts people of all ages and geeky interests, from comics to videogames and cosplays.

We took the time to visit the venue of Torino Comics 2019 this last Sunday and snap some pictures of the amazing cosplays taking part in the official competition. LoL characters, the Muses from Hercules, Stormtroopers and many more joined forces to bring us awe-inspiring craftmanship works and to try and win a ticket for London Film and Comic Con.

The Growing Italian Indie Game Development Scene

During the event, we also got to meet the many developers-to-be from Event Horizon School, which specializes in digital arts and programming for videogames. Around 20 students projects were present at the conference thanks to the efforts of Event Horizon School, that has been able to deliver great quality as always.

Particularly, we met our friends from Not a Number, who released their first PC game this year (Helheim), and are now working on  Out of The Hat. This last project looks promising and it’s something we’ll surely talk about on other occasions.

We also took the time to play a fun, competitive tennis game we encountered online through Twitter and had a blast smashing each other at while giving some feedback.

A fun game we met around the conference is the parodistic Call of Salveenee; this last one is something that got pretty popular in Italy a while ago thanks to its hilarious and extravagant take on local politics.  Last but not least, our ears perked up hearing about Survival Challenge, an ambitious project that is aiming to bring battle royale to life for the first time in Italy.

Our visit ended up drinking cider and tipsily singing along Disney songs, but worry not: we did bring back some pictures for you to enjoy, and you can find them in our gallery!