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You know when you get sent an address and you get there but it is way fancier than you imagined? Then you spend the next ten minutes clarifying the address. Well, that is what it was like getting to the entrance of Pocket Gamer Connects (PGC).

I have found PGC, but now what?

After clarification from a very lovely porter, it turned out I was in the right place. The Brewery was a beautiful and very posh venue. At this point all I could think was, thank goodness I am wearing a smart shirt.

I avoided queues by arriving early,  also allowing me to grab my badge and free notepad.  Next was the important step of tweeting about my arrival. As the indie The Indie Toaster, Twitter, jodiesaurus_rex, PGC, Pocket Gamer Connects developers were setting up I went to the opening talk of PGC.  With a joyful welcome and a brief overview of the basics of mobile games the event was started.

Suddenly realising I was surrounded by people with very fancy job titles it hit me as to how lucky I was to be here. I was not going to waste this chance and set out to gain as much information as possible to share with all of you.

Sorry this seat is taken

Claiming the third chair in on the back row as my own I was ready to learn. Spending the whole morning in a PGC conference room filling a up a notepad. All this information will soon be available in articles on The Indie Toaster!

I did leave my seat eventually and spoke to the brilliant people at Rusty Lake who showed me their latest game. It is gross,strange and I loved it. After this I had my first experience with VR, playing A Most Curious Murder which totally blew me away. PGC had some amzing indie talent on offer.

No way is it closing time

As I attended some of the final talks of the day it seemed like I had only just arrived at PGC. The final panel I managed to squeeze in was talking about interaction between press and developers. It was brilliant seeing both sides of the story and led me to meet the founder and CEO of Dragon Fiar, another game worth checking out!

Then there was the after party, a way to round off the day. A small club in a shopping complex was an odd location but no one seemed to mind. The small venue could only just hold the amount of guests so I slipped out early in need for room to move.

High expectations for day two

Day two hosted an entire day of talks on indie strategies, so I had high hopes. Unfortunatly the talks seemed to have very little to do with indie developers. This gave me the chance to meet more people though so it wasn’t a total loss.

Enticed by the beauty of The Tower of Egbert, I went over and met a lovely developer and his very proud girlfriend. I gave the game a whirl and it was amazing. Not only did it have looks but there are so many little details that showed how much love was in the game. If not for having a meeting I would of spent hours playing.

Several meetings were on my schedule for day two which I was very happy for. Meeting with Joseph Knowles from Hitch, a fantastic indie game streaming device that helps developers get their games to the masses. Elina Arponen from Quicksave and I also had a chat where she told me about the new chat game genre.

I did meet a couple of other developers but that will be in a later article!The Indie Toaster, PGC, Pocket Gamer Connects, The Debating Game, PGC London

It is award time!

After a hilarious final panel played The Debating Game the day was nearly done. The ending event was to announce the winners of The Big Indie Pitch. There had been some fantastic entries and the judges had a very tough time deciding the winners.

Once the winners were announced I had a quick chat with the developers. Here is hoping we will be able to review those games for you soon! As the dust The Indie Toaster, Pocket Gamer Connects, Juipiter Hadley, PGCsettled and everyone started heading toward after party number two, I managed to meet Jupiter Hadley.

Together we set off to arrive fashionably late to the after party and hit that free bar. A few drinks later it was time to shut the doors and with that PGC was finished. It was a great couple of days that taught me a lot. Which I am looking forward to sharing very soon.

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  1. Jupiter Hadley

    Very nice article! It was lovely meeting you. 🙂

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