As a young gamer, the first ever gaming event I attended was EGX Rezzed. Accompanied by my best friend, it is a day I will always remember. Now a few years down the line I get to attend EGX Rezzed as a member of the press! From April 13th-15th I shall be representing The Indie Toaster at EGX  Rezzed London to get you lovely readers the scoop on some fantastic indie games!

What is So Great About EGX Rezzed?

EGX Rezzed is the best event for indie games! The convention floor is full of amazing indie titles and has over 200 playable games to get my mitts on. Among this vast amount of games are a few familiar titles including one game I am extremely looking forward to seeing again. The ever lovely Ocean Spark Studios will be showing off their amazing game Tetra. This fantastic game caught my eye when I attended GamesForum and I look forward to seeing how it has developed since.

EGX Rezzed also displays a selection of indie game that are doing things a little differently. Dubbed as the Leftfield Collection, these games all have a unique twist. A game from this section that caught my eye is one you play with your ears. Blind Drive is a driving game thriller that will be released soon.

What I love about EGX Rezzed is not only the quantity of games but the sheer variety. You never know what you will see. EGX Rezzed provides a real taste of the indie side of the gaming market. I have just three days to try as much as I possibly can.

There is More to Life Than Games

EGX Rezzed is more than just epic video games…it also has boardgames! Other than games in general, though, it is a great place to meet developers, talk careers and learn at some interesting talks. What makes it so different to other events is that it is primarily geared towards playing games rather than the talks being the focal point. This event is very much more consumer-centric, which is something I prefer.EGX, EGX Rezzed, Board Games

The casual and friendly environment of EGX Rezzed is phenomenal. It is welcoming and makes you feel at home which is why I am so excited. While there is more than games on offer I might just stick to playing games. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to try new games!?

What Are You Guys Getting Out of This?

So the important part is, what benefit is there for you? The reason The Indie Toaster is going to EGX Rezzed is for our lovely readers. Once the event is over, expect articles informing you all on epic upcoming games to look out for as well as titles that are already released. Any information gained from the event will be passed on to you, making it feel like you didn’t miss a thing. Personally, my aim at EGX Rezzed is to see if any other game can knock Tetra off its pedestal. EGX, EGX rezzed

If any of you are going to EGX Rezzed, make sure you tweet us @Indie_Toaster so we can meet up. We would love to know what games there you are looking forward to! As always, though, if you can’t make it to EGX Rezzed, don’t worry!
We have you covered!