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Pocket Gamer Connects: What to expect and how to prepare!

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Next week The Indie Toaster will be heading off to Pocket Gamer Connects – THE Global Mobile Games Conference. They will be hosting The Very Big Indie Pitch and the I ♥ Indie Showcase giving indie developers a chance to make their break into the industry. Along with panels and workshops, this really is the place for anyone with a gaming interest.

What, where and when?

Pocket Gamer Connects is a global event that over the years has taken place in Pocket Gamers Connect London, The Indie ToasterHelsinki, Bangalore and many more. On the 22nd -23rd of January it will be coming to the United Kingdom. The two day conference will be hosted in London, after this it will pack up and head off to San Francisco for the 14th -15thMay.

Featuring platforms such as IOS, Android and Virtual Reality it is a mobile gamers treasure trove. Pocket Gamers Connects is full of brilliant speeches such as Daniel Gray’s session on how premium games can succeed to amazing opportunities for developers with the SpeedMatch sessions. This event covers so much from big companies to indie projects, making it hard to summaries the event. All you need to know is that if you are interested in games or are wanting to develop one this event has something for you!

Over 100 sessions! Where do I even start?

With a schedule that is full to the brim figuring out where to start can seem like a daunting task. Pocket Gamers Connects has so many interesting sessions it seems like a shame to miss any. On top of this you don’t want to fill you schedule up completely with panels otherwise you will miss the I ♥ Indie Showcase!

Pocket Gamers Connect, The Indie Toaster

So lets take a step back and make a plan! Most of the timeslots at Pocket Gamer Connects will have around three different session, so you just have to pick one in three. Out of the three, just figure out what best applies to you or what sounds the most interesting. If you are still struggling to choose make sure you look into the speakers. Are they having another session on something similar? If so, you can go to one rather than both.

You can find the whole schedule here.

Lets look at the indie side of Pocket Gamers Connects

Pocket Gamers Connect, The Very Big Indie Pitch, The Indie Toaster

We are The Indie Toaster so lets focus on the indie side of things. Starting off with The Very Big Indie Pitch. Developers will have just three minutes to pitch a title to a table of judges. These judges will be leading media influencers from companies such as Amazon Appstore to Greenlight Games. The pitch that impresses the most, will win a pize package worth $7,000!

Pocket Gamer Connects will also have an exclusive expo area dedicated to indie games and their developers. Allowing a glimpse at some awesome indie creations that you will want to get your hands on. This is an unmissable area of the event that is always very popular.

So, will we be seeing you there?

Pocket Gamer Connects is a fantastic conference and one we are very excited to be able to attend. If you are going we would love to know and meet you there. If you are not going, why not!? Don’t pass this chance or you will have to wait another year.

For those who are unable to attend keep your eyes tuned on The Indie Toaster as we will be covering the event, filling you in on all you have missed.

We have now attended Pocket Gamer Connects and you can find out what we got up to in this article!


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