After two days at Pocket Gamer Connects, which I spoke about in a previous article, I continued my adventure by hitting the floor at Gamesforum. Expecting this to be a very formal event I was concerned that I would find it difficult to enjoy. I was extremely incorrect!

Give me all the coffee

I arrived nice and early, as always, to claim my badge and suss out what Gamesforum would be like. As I walked around the floor I noticed the relaxed atmosphere and how friendly everyone was.

I headed straight for the networking area to be greeted with pastries and coffee on demand. Right now I was in heaven. This was only made better by bumping into a fellow journalist and playing some amazing games. We started off on a local co-op game in which we must work together using only one controller. There was stress and panic but BFF or Die is a great game which also strengthened our friendship. BFF or Die had won an award at Pocket Gamer Connects the previous day so I was ecstatic to give it a go. It definitely deserved the award!

Talk to meTetra, Gamesfourm, The Indie Toaster, On the floor at Gamesforum

With another coffee in hand I hit the floor to do some networking. This led to meeting JD McNeil  CEO of Slitherine. After a great chat with him, it was back to the games giving Dead End Job a terrible attempt. A great game just one I was very very bad at.

A few more games and chats later it was lunch time and out came the amazing bento box lunches. It was like being royalty with so much food and drink on offer. After some great food I was ready to meet some more developers and this is when I met the creators of possibly my favourite indie game of the two events.

Tetra is still in development but I want it now! This open world RPG is based on the periodic table and the level of detail is amazing. It is beautiful and the developers are very passionate. After they explained the game to me I got myself a few posters and a keyring ready to represent Tetra to the world!

Party time

As always, after day one it is party time. Heading down to a local club, the after party starts with being given four character cards and the task to collect four of the same set.  After collecting the cards off people who didn’t want to play, we set up a card dealing table. People flocked over to trade and among them was a developer called Ondrej Dobsinsky with his game GetMeBro! A lot of talking and character card exchanging has led to being able to reviewing this brilliant game, so keep your eyes peeled!Gamesforum, The Indie Toaster, On the floor at Gamesforum, after party

Chilling in a little booth and playing connect four was the second half of our evening. This allowed us to meet several more developers and try Pyrognomic’s mobile game, which they were pitching at the Gamesforum competition the next day.

Pitch it to me

After a late night it was time to once again hit the floor at Gamesforum and the coffee, which was very welcome. After drinking enough coffee to be awake it was time to watch some pitches. A total of ten games were being pitched including mobile and PC games. Many of which had been present on the floor at Gamesforum so we could have a little try beforehand.

The pitch for buddy-cop shooter Rico was the most memorable as it threw the standard pitch format into the fire with ACDC and hilarious videos. My absolute favourite game Tetra also had a very well planned pitch that displayed the games potential.

It was Fuero Games who claimed first place with their game Bushy Tail. Bushy Tail is a very beautiful game about a little fox on a journey. A very worthy winner, this game has a beautifully impressive art style and a unique story telling method.

That’s all folks

Gamesforum was a brilliant event and was a pleasure to attend. We met plenty of developers who’s games we will hopefully be able to review for you all soon. Lets hope Gamesforum wants us back as we are definitely looking forward to next year!