Microphones, cameras, laptops, and business cards are ready! If you follow us on social media, you already know what’s about to happen. For the others, here are some breaking news. The first one is that you should follow us on social media. The second is that The Indie Toaster is attending Ludicious – the Zurich Game Festival.

In less than 24 hours, Elisa Napolitano and I will pack our entire office and haul it across the Alps. Our destination is a convention center in Switzerland’s largest city. Here – from January 18th to January 21st – indie developers and industry leaders will meet to chat and exchange ideas! As a website that’s geared towards both devs and gamers, we simply couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Loads To See; Learn; Experience!

Ludicious 2018 won’t only be a place for networking, though. Throughout its four days, the festival also offers plenty of chances to learn something. The Alte Kaserne is about to host some of the brightest minds in the European indie community.  Among the more than 50 guests, several success stories are ready to be told.

In the end, it’s all about leaving with some valuable experience. Designers and writers will teach people how to get the best out of a level, for example. Marketing experts and publishers will show how good games stand out in a crowd. There will be panels discussing the use of VR, open workshops for developers, QnA sessions, a business incubator, a mentoring program, and even art performances.In partnership with Nordic GameLudicious 2018 also hosts the Game Discovery Contest.

ludicious 2018 game exhibition

Just some of the games we’ll be able to play at Ludicious 2018

Gamers won’t be left behind! In an effort to showcase what their country has to offer, the guys at Ludicious organized a games exhibition. This part of the event – which takes place on Saturday and Sunday – is open to general public. Local as well as international developers will present their creations, allowing visitors to play them and learn more about what making games feels like.

Listing everything that’s going on would take us forever, but you can download the full program as a PDF here.

How Will We Tackle The Challenge?

As usual, we want our readers to feel as if they were on the floor; right next to us. At first, we thought we’d give our community a daily recap of what we saw. Soon, though, we realized that wouldn’t have been enough. To solve the problem, Elisa asked me to pack a few more gadgets. She deployed her doe eyes and said “pretty please”. There was little I could do but agree!

The Indie Toaster will include an entire section dedicated to Ludicious. We will be taking pictures, writing up relevant pieces, recording talks, and interviewing key individuals. Every evening, once the day is over, we’ll also sit down in front of a camera to live-stream our reactions and comments.

Like our Facebook Page, join our community group, catch our tweets and keep an eye on our Instagram to follow Ludicious 2018, right as it unfolds!