With spring comes sunlight, warm breeze, flowers… and events. This means part of our team will probably be dislocated here and there, to try and report events from the local scenes.

We already talked about the interesting conference set that will happen online this summer, organized by excellent names of the industry; to top it all, we couldn’t pass on the chance to visit one of the most interesting indie dev events in the Italian scene: Svilupparty 2019.

Dev Life In Good Ole Peninsula

At its 10th edition, Svilupparty is one the oldest game dev events in Italy. Its organizer, Ivan Venturi, head of IPID (Italian party of indie games) promised us big things for this edition, so we couldn’t let him down.

Furthermore, part of our mission as a blog has always been to try and export the Italian scene abroad; which is the main reason why we focused on national events during this year. With an intense program of game presentations and industry insights, as well as booths for showcases, we prospect a fun and intense weekend ahead. Starting from this Friday, 17th of May, until Sunday 19th, we will be in Bologna at Svilupparty 2019, to meet some old friends and make new ones.

If you happen to be somewhere near, don’t be shy and come enjoy a great event in a beautiful city, and maybe discover a new side of the game dev world. It is completely free to attend, and even outsiders will be able to enjoy the great hidden gems offered.

… What If I Cannot Attend Svilupparty 2019?

If you won’t make it there, worry not: we’ve got you covered!

Alongside our regular article schedule, we’ll publish recaps and lists of things you may want to keep an eye on – and possibly add to your wish list… Otherwise, see you at Svilupparty!