In 2017, over 25,000 attendees went to the biggest video game expo in Canada. It hosted over 80 playable games, and over 100 retail booths. This year, EGLX plans to do it all again; but better! With a vast array of speakers and networking opportunities, this event promises something for everyone!

If you are a programmer, artist or someone looking to run their own studio, EGLX has something for you. Alongside supporting partner CGX, the team planned a Developer Conference filled with talks separated into three tracks; Founder Track, Creative Track and Technical Track. Each of these is designed to give you the information you need, moving you one step closer to your goals.

Want To Go EGLX? The Indie Toaster, EGLX, Metero Toronto Convention Centre

Running from October 26th -October 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, EGLX looks like a must see event. Hosting game tournaments with amazing prizes and fantastic exhibits, it truly has something for all. There will be over 50 indie games to try both from Canadian and American developers: a fantastic chance to give some great indie games a go before they are released.

The Developer Conference is also hosting some highlight events, such as masterclasses to get some hands-on experience with creators. Just as an example, you’ll be able to learn the best techniques in a 4-hour intensive workshop. While this last one is an additional expense, you can still meet mentors in the industry as part of your entrance fee. There will also be chances to meet hiring managers or just talk to industry experts from all fields!

Who Do I Get To Meet?

Anne Gibeault, Epsilon Games, The Indie Toaster, EGLX

As someone who has attended many events, it is a pain rummaging through the program to find what talks apply to me. This Track system is a fantastic idea, as attendees can easily find everything they want to see.

Just to name a few, The Founder Track will have speakers such as Anne Gibeault, CEO of Epsilon Games. Technical Track will feature Jim Leedham, Programmer for Digtial Extremes, and the Creative Track will present Benjamin Rivers, Director of Benjamin Rives Inc. There will be many more amazing speakers on top of all these.

With so much on offer, you can’t pass up the chance to go EGLX. You should grab your tickets early, while they are still on offer!