In a sea of free to play games creating a premium game that is popular can be difficult. I am no expert, but I did listen to a bunch of people in fancy clothes spout out information about it. So I have taken all that knowledge and condensed it into one easy to read article. So if you are a budding new developer, I hope this helps!

Let’s Start With An Idea

A very repeated phrase in the talks I attended at Pocket Gamer Connects was “be unique”. While many free to play games appear to be carbon copies of each other a premium game must be unique. No one will pay for a game when they can get a very The Indie Toaster, premiums games, ideasimilar one for free.

This is harder said then done but this does mean you can have an idea you are passionate about. Take your ideas that go down new and unique avenues, even if they seem risky. If you have an idea you truly love then your game will be overflowing with passion. Another theme that recurred in the talks was that people pay for passion.

Having a unique idea will also help improve creativity. When you base your ideas off a previous examples it can limit creativity. Find an idea that you love and this will help you create something amazing. While it is good to take ideas from other games, make sure what you make is your own. Do what you care about not what you think will sell.

Nothing Is Perfect At First

Once you have a basic idea you need to elaborate it and make improvements. The best way to do this is to be self critical. Once you have an idea be analytical, have a real look at every aspect of your idea and see if it is possible. Tear it apart in an attempt to understand all the aspects of your idea and evaluate them.

This method allows you to determine what is possible and make a plan on how to create what you want. It will also help find solutions to problems before they even occur. It will give you an understanding of all parts of your project so when it comes to pitching, what you are selling is not just an idea but something you can do.

What About Your Audience?

In the current gaming market players are not buying multiple games but rather committing to one game. They put down roots due to the community and the need If you have an idea you truly love then your game will be overflowing with passion. Another theme that recurred in the talks was that <strong>people pay for passion.</strong></p>
<p class=”westerto master a game. This is worth considering when creating your premium game. Though this knowledge is not strictly just for creators of premium games and it can be applied to all genres.

If players are looking for a game that is constantly engaging and has a great community they will be more enticed to spend money on something that meets this criteria. If you have regular updates or a place for your game’s community to interact it will create a larger and move involved audience.

So My Premium Game Has to Be Big?

While a community and ever expanding universe are one way of obtaining an audience, lets not ignore the strength of a good narrative. An example of this is Reigns which is a succesful narrative driven game. The Indie Toaster, premium games, Reigns

A game can be short and complete while also selling thousands of copies. A strong emotional connection  or immersive story will sell a game. This means if your idea is more short and sweet do not feel deterred from creating it. Any style of game can succeed as long as it is created well.

Talk Money To Mepremium games, The Indie Toaster, price tag

So this is not advice from any suit but more advice from a young journalist who has played a lot of indie games. Don’t be afraid of applying a price tag! When you create a game, you put in your time and effort which is invaluable. If you have created something you love, don’t feel bad about asking for money.

When applying a price tag never compare your work to that of a company with a large and experienced group of developers. If your game has your love in it then it is worth being paid for. Never under value your own time and effort.

Do not hold back, go make your premium game and -why not- message us to get a review!